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Words & Musings

Call Me Crazy

But now I am learning / That the wide open truth / That can hold it all / That can pulse with the passion / Beyond reason / This, / Is what I am living for... more

What has been and What Will Be...

Ignore the curfews set by society and stay out all night in the glory of your soul. When sun blooms at morning’s birth, fall asleep atop a feathery inner meadow and dream your true life to life.”... more


Last night was our monthly PATH Tribe gathering over the Zoom. Our conversation focused on how we DEMONSTRATE Authentic Power, Acceptance, Truth, Heart, and Voice. While doing so, Dear PATHee, Matt Prindle was clearly conjuring something magical. This beautiful art, the Creation!... more


I Am A Round Hole ... A moist n’ juicy, searingly succulent, deliciously drippy, lip-smacking round hole ... Ripe for consumption ... A technicolor tunnel of love. Circular smooth.... more

I’ve Changed

Everything is changing, whether we want it to or not. The quality of that change is dependent on how we choose to respond. It is through Power, Acceptance, Truth and Heart and our Raised-Out-Loud Voices that we will carry ourselves into a future we all cherish being a part of... more

A Call To Disarm

Therein lies the potential for r(E)volution. Every breath. Every moment. Every day ... Compassion. Mercy. Forgiveness. Empathy. Grace. Holding. Helping. Healing.... more

To Be Human. Fearlessly.

See the beauty everywhere. Engage with the beauty, most of all in your fellow humanity, and let’s love each other in the experience of each other’s beauty, to realize a much different future.... more


When I went to bed last night, I asked Spirit to deliver me a song in the morning... a song that is meant to be shared... now... a song that represents, near perfectly, what PATH of Authentic Voice is all about... Power, Acceptance, Truth, Heart... that reveals for us all to witness, a person wrangling all aspects... under extreme and challenging conditions... as we all are at this very crucial point in time... more


There comes a time... A time for primordial proclamation... Phonic Vibration, announcing ‘time of death’... more

R.I.P. Addams Family

As I gathered with my cast and directors and crew before we all left for home, I was abundantly clear that the tears I was shedding were not because we didn’t ‘win’, but for the fact that I wouldn’t be playing, together, with these wonderful people, in this particularly sweet configuation, as Morticia Addams ever again. It was a viscerally felt farewell.... more

Look at me! Look at me!

So here it is. Beth’s audition suggestions for not only surviving but thriving, while navigating the process of auditioning. Take what you like and leave the rest and know full well that I most certainly practice what I preach, with varying degrees of success, right along with you!... more

Absence and the Making of a Fonder Heart

Meeting the music again was like meeting long lost friends. Each song, cherished. Each, with its own life of growth and evolution ... How could I possibly pick a favorite? How could I pick just one?... more

Words, straight up.

Singers will only move others if they let themselves be pierced by what they’re singing about and then channel it on through to the listener... the most beloved singers are, in my estimation, energy ninjas! It’s not a cerebral thing, it’s a body thing. It’s a soul thing.... more

Who am I, anyway?

Have you ever gotten that look? The look that says, “Who the hell do you think you are?” ... OK. I’ll tell you who I am... more