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To be made New through the Magic of Movement
Movo = Nuovo + Mojo + Movement

Beth Noelle offers dynamically guided movement experiences that inspire profound connection to, and development of, one’s innate Body Wisdom. They are playfully engaging while at the same time grounding and healing.

Simple, yet effective, each experience is unique and a collaborative co-creation between facilitator and participants, each honoring what is needed in the moment for maximum benefit.

Every person carries within them a dancing flame of authentic aliveness. Movement fans the flame of that aliveness and can be a catalyst for a greater sense of intrinsic understanding, vitality and well-being, physically and otherwise.

Whatever has come before is open to transformation. Movement allows for that transformation to occur and is an active celebration of all that it is to be a human Being and Becoming.

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When Marrow Whispers
— Eric Chisler

Into the tendons,
Through the marrow,
with the pulse of life’s
endless rhythms.
Whispers, from tip to tail.

Utterances of the divine,
curled into the spaces
of a fingertip,
of a bellybutton,
of a heart.
Filled to the brim.

With pain.
With joy.
With grief.
With laughter.
With you.
With me.

Blossoming from the bone,
the soul is not contained:
In a neuron.
In a hormone.
In a memory.
Though there you’ll find it, too.

It’s contained in a no-thing,
and an every-thing.
Seen in an alighting butterfly.
Felt in a tender glance.
Sensed in a subtle ache.
Known in a vast expanse.
Present always.

In a tear.
In a snarl.
In a fear.
In a fullness.

Yes, a fullness.

Brimming over the borders:
Of skin.
Of mind.
Of life.
This painful, beautiful, endlessness.
Where it hurts just to be,
And is ecstasy just to be.

In this sinuous quietude
Flows a universe,
In a universe,
In a universe,
As a universe.

This body, this vessel
Is with itself in it all.

To be loved.
And hated.
And loved again.

And in all of its sound,
And fury,
It says only: “Yes.”

Thus it heeds itself,
And I am here.