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Beth Noelle


Beth Noelle is a musician who has the rare gift of musically melding the most profound emotions and spirit with deep technical mastery. She truly is blessed with the voice of an angel, coupled with a musical sensitivity, flawless phrasing, and a pristine connection to the heart and soul of whatever music she plays or sings. To hear her sing is a great gift to the heart.

Benjy Wertheimer, ShantalaMusic.com

Beth empowers and liberates everyone she works with. She encourages her students to dig deep and find their inner power through their voice. Beth instills in her students the deep truth that everyone’s voice should be heard, conventional or not. Beth affirms that our words, thoughts and ideas are our own and that no one can express them better than the person they come from. She helps build courage with her clients to dig deep and find their ‘why’ - to uncover what they’re truly about, and to express that through the voice. Beth is an incredible guide, and she completely transformed the way I approach using my voice in my own music and personal expression. I would recommend her to anyone aspiring to unlock their deepest truth. Everyone needs to find their own PATH, especially in these uncharted times, and Beth is the right person to come alongside you while you do it.

Stephanie Cooke, Musician/Performer, Pianist/Teacher, Vocalist, Songwriter

‘When the student is ready, the Teacher appears,’ and it could not be more fortuitous to have Beth Noelle be that teacher for me. I have not sung publicly for 27 years, suffering much fear of exposure with my voice, and much grief for denying my voice in all this time. From the very first lesson, my entire relationship to my Voice, on all levels, completely shifted, and each lesson has an exponential effect on me. Beth’s multidimensional approach speaks exactly to my worldview as an energy/bodyworker, and her simple, yet potent vocal exercises have already revolutionized the quality, expression, and accessibility of my singing and speaking voice. This continues into my sense of how I meet life and carry myself in every regard. Beth is fully present, responsive, respectful and empowering in her manner, and a consummate musician who models what it might feel like to sing truly and fully from the Heart.

Terry Segal, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Practitioner

Working with Beth has been one of the best decisions in my musical career. She is a wonderful musician that is easy to relate to. As a teacher, she will meet you where you are and take you places you would not have dared, all while maintaining awareness and care for your instrument. Beth has guided me to beginning to understand the connection between the voice, the body and the mind.

Pablo Saldana, Contemporary/Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter, Actor

Dancing is my prayer, my devotional practice, my meditation. A side benefit is that it’s also exercise. From my very first class with Beth, she reminded me of all of the reasons why to dance, and that I must in order to be fully me. Through her sometimes gentle, often wild ways, she has found the tendril of magic that awakened my dancing soul. Thank you, Beth.

Sarah Doggett, Mother, Doula, Dancer

Beth is intuitive, authentic, aware, candid & kind... she will take you deeper. This work is not just about your voice. Beth tuned into my heart & soul.

Lila Martin-Bergroth, Black Belt Nia Instructor