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Jaiya John
Beth at Spruce Flats Falls

I hiked to Spruce Flats Falls, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, December, 2021

“BeLoved. Do not be with your own soul as a tourist, hiding in hotels of normality, afraid to explore the local wonders. Wander mapless out into the streets of your soul and dare to get lost so you may be found. Leave the approved paths and trendy sites and disappear. When you hear a brook running, run to it and drink. Gaze your own face in its reflection. Cry at your naked beauty. Walk through trees of pomegranates and dates, lemons and figs. Devour these delights your soul offers endlessly. Eat your native food. Ignore the curfews set by society and stay out all night in the glory of your soul. When sun blooms at morning’s birth, fall asleep atop a feathery inner meadow and dream your true life to life.”

—Jaiya John