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Luna Women's Chorus

Beth Noelle, director
Knoxville, Tennessee
A soulful and innovative ensemble of women who sing because they must.

We bring our voices together to express the JOY of music, the MAGIC of harmony, and the POWER of Love in action. Like the moon, we illuminate the night and energize the rising tide to uplift our audiences and each other. We are empowered women, honoring the sacred feminine, dedicated to personal development, authentic expression, and using our voices to serve Life.

We gather weekly for a unique rehearsal/workshop experience facilitated by Luna’s director, Beth Noelle, using her “PATH of Authentic Voice” approach to personal empowerment through singing. In this way, we learn to align with — and live into — the fundamentals upon which our voices stand:  Power, Acceptance, Truth, and Heart.

Whether you’re a singer or someone who simply loves to hear uplifting voices, we invite you to be a part of the Luna Women’s Chorus experience.

Stay Informed

Common Questions

answered by Beth Noelle

Do I need formal voice training or experience to sing with Luna?

No. Many of our members have advanced vocal skills, but the Luna experience is designed to awaken your musical potential without requiring a “professional” back­ground. The main require­ments for membership (aside from being an adult female) are the ability to “carry a tune” and a desire to learn and grow through singing.

Since I have a voice teaching background, our rehearsals/work­shops (aka “Luna sessions”) will include group activities that enhance the skills you already possess, regardless of your starting level. And you will have the option to schedule private “PATH of Authentic Voice” sessions anytime you want individualized voice development support.

Does Luna perform in public?

Yes! We have between two and four public performances per year. The dual purpose of Luna — personal growth of the members and serving/delighting the community through live performance — allows for members to choose individually whether to participate in each performance. Admission to our shows is usually low-cost or free, and we perform in a variety of spaces, including auditoriums, church sanctuaries, and outdoor concerts or parades.

What kinds of music do you sing?

Our music is not limited to one style of songs and singing. Luna’s diverse repertoire is selected primarily based on each song’s capacity to uplift our audiences and ourselves. If there is one quality of our music that stands out, it is that we sing it with our whole selves — body, mind, emotion, and Spirit — so we select music that “wants” to be fully embodied in that way. We are not a religious group, but our music reflects our intention to be inspired and inspiring, and to honor the sacred through our joy-filled musical expression. Likewise, we are not political, but we demonstrate and advocate the values of social harmony through the act of co-creating vocal harmony.

Where do y’all gather for the weekly sessions?

Our meeting location may vary, but we generally stay within a 20- to 30-minute drive of Knoxville’s city center. Our current location is about 15 minutes west of downtown.

How much does it cost to be a member of Luna?

If you decide to become a member after your first session, membership is $44/month. This includes an average of four Luna sessions per month, or $11 per session. (Partial months can be prorated with advance notice.) There are no additional charges for things like sheet music and operating expenses. However, we may organize special projects, like annual retreats or performance tours, that would require additional fees for members who choose to participate. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about dues and fees.

Note: Luna members get a $10 discount on private “PATH of Authentic Voice” sessions, which can save you up to $40/month.

I want to sing with Luna! How do I become a member?

To join Luna Women’s Chorus, the first step is filling out a brief application form online, after which I will contact you to set up an informal meeting, in person at my studio or via Zoom/Facetime. This will help us both make sure that Luna is the right context for your creative expression. I may need you to sing a few notes so I can hear your voice and range, but you won’t need to prepare an audition song. To apply, click here:

What about health considerations?

If you have special health concerns, please contact me to discuss how or whether we can accommodate them. We embrace common sense practices such as staying home and taking good care of oneself when “under the weather.” We also embrace individual health freedom and responsibility, so we will not ask or require members to receive any particular medical treatments (e.g. covid injections) or wear a mask of any kind. Luna Women’s Chorus is committed to unmasking our voices and removing barriers that inhibit our free, authentic self-expression — transcending the fear that undermines our potential to trust Life, trust each other, and come together in harmony.

I’m a member. How do I pay my dues?

You can pay online from my payments page, or you can pay in cash at any Luna session.